The Power of Sung Prayer:

Singing as a Movement in Consciousness

Thursday Nights, June 22nd –  July 20th 7:00 – 9:00pm

New Dawn Center for Spiritual Living,

3138 S. Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80014

Experience the blessing of song, prayer, sound and breath in a whole new way as we study the 5-step affirmative prayer practice of New Thought Ancient Wisdom, along with the corresponding 5 elements of Soul Voice Development. This class is a deep exploration into the nature of sound, the human voice, and the spiritual principles that govern the activity of singing. Chants that amplify and anchor each of the 5 elements in our own authentic movement in consciousness will be taught and sung each night along with experiential exercises that strengthen our connection to the Divine Voice within and all around us.  No experience necessary.

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Registration for this 5-week class is $100.



Connected Sound Presence;

Small Group Vocal Exercise Class

Thursdays, June 22nd – July 20th 12:30am– 2:00pm

Small Vocal Study provides a great introduction to vocal study focusing on the fundamentals of vocal production, breath and full body sound.   We practice restorative vocal exercises that awaken our sense of sound and offer the joy of relaxed, released breathing and singing.  Based on the work of Valborg Werbeck, this is a deeply spiritual and healing way to work with the voice.  We identify and release misconceptions about singing, and enjoy group singing with a delicious new awareness that builds vocal skills and develops strength in a safe, nurturing environment. These groups are for all levels of singers. Beginners are encouraged to join.

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Registration for this 5-week class is $100.


Soloist Coaching Triads

Wednesdays, June 21st – July 19th, 11:30am – 1:30pm

For students who have completed at least one soloist song study group, this is a way to continue to work on your repertoire and deepen your vocal training.  Three students share a 2-hour session of vocal coaching that includes vocal instruction, warm ups and solo song coaching.  Triad study requires a 4-5week commitment and costs the equivalent of $45 per week. Total fee for this session is $225.  A deposit of $90 is required to hold your space.  The remaining registration can be paid in any installments you like.

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Kath Robinson directing choir
Kath Robinson with Choir

Living in the Soul of Your Voice

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