Singing as a Spiritual Practice  Choir

For all levels of singers and music lovers who seek

to deepen their experience of the Divine

Thursday Nights, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

February 28th – May 23rd, 2019  

Unity Spiritual Center Denver,  3021 S. University Blvd.  Denver CO

This community choir seminar with Kath Robinson is for all who wish to experience the joy of spiritually grounded community music for a full spring season. Together we reclaim the magic of music as ministry and experience singing as a process of blessing and being blessed rather than performance. Learn New Thought songs in three-part harmony as well as simple chants as prepare to share our music throughout the Denver area.  Through singing, transformative conversations and personal inquiry we’ll increase our capacity for musical excellence by being an instrument of the Divine. No experience necessary! All levels of singers are welcome. Contact

Registration fee is $195. Scholarship applications are available.

No previous choir experience necessary.


The Singer’s Craft

Soloist Workshop

Tuesday Nights,  7:00pm – 9:00pm

April 2nd – May 14th, 2019

Unity Spiritual Center Denver, 3021 S University Blvd, Denver

This 7-week course is a safe sanctuary for singers interested in studying the art of singing as a soloist. 

Each participant selects a song to study, and together we learn the art of connecting with and preparing a song while at the same time breaking through misconceptions and healing limiting beliefs about what it means to “take the mic.  You’ll learn to sing from a place of authenticity and authority while fully engaging the voice.  Whether you see yourself soloing with a choir, providing musical inspiration as a lead vocalist or simply just enjoying your own voice and singing solo for friends and family, this practical and experiential workshop will give you tools and tips for stepping up spiritually and musically. If you’ve always wanted to sing out, but never have taken the leap, at last! here is a safe place to develop your capacity for spiritual and musical leadership.  Total fee for this 7-week class is $280.  Limited to 5 people, this class requires a deposit of $90.00 to hold your space.  The remaining balance can be paid in any installments you like until the last class.

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The Power of Sung Prayer;

Community Singing Seminar

Singing as a Movement in Consciousness

Experience the blessing of song and prayer as one thing as we study the 5-step affirmative prayer practice of New Thought Ancient Wisdom in Song! Bring your prayer requests for the New Year and together we will use the power of song to energize and manifest the good that is seeking to express in your life. Simple chants and rounds that amplify and anchor each of the 5 elements of our prayer practice will be taught and sung. No experience necessary. Expect to engage in a powerful and joyful, high vibration consciousness that strengthens our connection to the Divine Voice within and all around us. To get more information email


Nourishing the Divine Voice

Effortless Breath and Connected Sound Presence

This 4-week class is for teachers, speakers, singers, chanters, or anyone who is seeking to enliven the voice they use every day with more joy, health and vitality. Attuning to the forces of sound, breath and creativity we awaken our senses and offer the joy of relaxed, released singing and sound rooted in spiritual principle. Often described as “Gi Gong for the Voice”, this class is for all levels of singers and non-singers, including those experiencing vocal problems, diminished capacity or singer’s burnout. As we grow in our understanding of the voice and its essential connection to the Divine, we become more authentic, fully expressed and alive with Sound Presence.

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Advanced Vocal Coaching Triads

For students who have completed at least one Singer’s Craft Soloist Workshop this is a way to continue to work on your repertoire and deepen your vocal training.  Three students share a 2-hour session of vocal coaching that includes vocal instruction, warm ups and solo song coaching.  Triad study requires a 6-week commitment and costs the equivalent of $50 per week. Total fee for the class is $300. A deposit of $100 is required to hold your space.  The remaining registration can be paid in any installments you like. Please note that participants will prepare to sing at Open Mic Studio Night.

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Sing Through My Heart!

Celebrating the Singing as a Spiritual Practice Choir and Emerging Singers in our Community 

Friday, May 17th,  2019, 7:00pm

Come enjoy an evening of Spiritually Grounded Music as Ministry!  The Singing as a Spiritual Practice Choir and Students from the “Living in the Soul of Your Voice” Studio will share the songs we have worked on and get you singing too! Come and co-create a safe place for emerging singers in our community to stretch out. The evening will include group singing, group warm ups, Choir Ministry and songs from the students who have studied solo work with Kath 

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Private Voice Lessons

Available by appointment on Monday – Friday.

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Kath Robinson directing choir
Kath Robinson with Choir

Living in the Soul of Your Voice

Spiritually Grounded Vocal Coaching, Music, Classes and Workshops

Kath Robinson