“Small group vocal study is a delight!
It provides a great introduction to vocal study and will take you to that next level you are looking to express.”

Small Group Vocal Study:

Small Group Vocal Study brings 4-9 singers together for 90 minutes of instruction each week for a 5-week period. Although each group has a unique focus tailored to the specific needs of the participants, all groups cover the primary concepts of relaxed-released singing technology. You will identify and release misconceptions about the voice, as well as experience the joy of singing together and receiving vocal coaching in a safe easygoing environment. Small groups are offered year round.

  • Effortless Breath and Sound
    A great introduction to vocal study and relaxed released singing technology
  • Alive with Sound Presence
    For those who have completed at least one vocal study group already
  • Soloist Study Groups
    For those who wish to work on soloing and their personal artistic expression

Registration is simple! Just email Kath@yoursoulvoice.com, and write which kind of group would suit you best and why. Please include a little information about your singing experience, and provide a range of times that will work for you.

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