“Kath is a most amazing and unique voice teacher; working with her was healing and strengthening for my voice, healing for my heart, and nourishing for my soul.” – Liesl

“In my experience, there is no vocal teacher who can match the masterful guidance of Kath Robinson. Kath has the gift of marrying foundational knowledge with intuitive wisdom. She empowers her students to fully embody and express their songs. Her loving presence creates a sacred space where we can safely move beyond fear into the full spectrum of feeling and self-expression. With Kath’s teaching I now sing with a joy, freedom and ease that I didn’t think possible. Thanks to Kath I now can sing from my heart and soul with confidence!” – Esther
“Kath is a true professional with a bright spirit. Every minute of our lesson time was of great value, and uplifting. She met me right where I was at vocally and as a performer, providing new insights while working with my evolving needs. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.” – Terry
“Working with Kath Robinson makes establishing a new and positive relationship with my singing voice safe and joyful. I am one of those people who was taunted as a child into believing that I had a terrible voice, and I shut it down very young. Yet, I knew that singing would bring me so much joy if I could just move past that fear. When I was finally ready to begin to heal this Kath helped me to feel safe and to free my voice. Singing with groups that she led was a huge step for me in reclaiming my joy in singing. She is kind, patient, compassionate and highly skilled. I would recommend her to anyone.” – Taica
“Kath is an incredible vocal teacher and coach!! She has provided me with highly effective, creative, unique and very useful tools to expand my singing and music ministry gifts. She is so supportive, gentle and understanding in her ways of empowering and instilling self confidence in her students.” – Kimberly
“During the nine months that I studied voice with Kath as a member of her Werbeck-inspired voice class, I have found her to be unfailingly positive, clear, and knowledgeable with every student and throughout every class meeting. The depth of her commitment to understanding how to build the vocal structure required for singing well has paid off for me as a long-time singer by orienting me and increasing my confidence when I open my mouth to sing.” – Michael
“Kath was my first venture into vocal coaching, and WOW did I pick the right person. Her style is a beautiful combination of musical expertise, helpful ways to improve and gentleness. I moved forward quickly in my musical competence and never looked back.” – Kaylie
“During my classes with Kath, I moved through lifetimes of fear and found my voice for the first time. She is truly embodied, deeply present and fully available to birth us into ourselves.” – Crystal
“Kath’s class had a life-changing effect on me. I showed up to my first class terrified to sing in front of others and had no idea the depth I was about to learn about myself and my singing. She creates a safe place for anyone–even if you don’t identify as a “singer” and meets you where you are at without judgement. She’ll bring you to places you never imagined with your soul sound. One class later and I was able to sing in front of a small group of people, and two classes later my friends told me that my singing had transformed! I feel more connected to music than I’ve ever been and have explored my voice, ability, and heart through her direction and coaching. I can’t recommend her class enough. No matter what your background, experience, level, or confidence–take Kath’s class and be prepared to grow in ways you can’t imagine!” – Kelly
“When I took voice lessons with Kath I went in with great fear and trepidation, even though I knew her to be a kind, loving person. I had no confidence in my voice, so I was in terror of singing in front of someone as skilled as her. She made it such a safe place to be! She helped me to allow my voice to come through and to let go of judgement. She taught me much about how to use my voice, breathe and relax and claim my own inherent voice. And she does it with grace and ease!” – Kathy
“I learned ways to better enunciate words and have a better understanding of the anatomy of singing and how the tongue works. The biggest take away for me is that I learned how to breathe without effort. All of these techniques have helped me with some serious vocal problems. For this I am so grateful.” – Gina
“Kath has decades of experience in singing and performance and is highly skilled herself and passionate about both. She understands the context of singing, the territory, and where I was at when I started with her. She found out where I wanted to go, how I liked to travel and we started movin’ baby. Her confidence and clarity inspired my trust. I felt safe with her. I went where she lead. I’m a singer now…owning it, fulfilled and stoked on the Kath Robinson journey.” – Cliff
“I never thought I would have the courage to attempt soloing, but Kath helped me make the leap. I studied with her several times, improving in confidence and ability each step of the way. And I made great friends with fellow students along the way.” – KD
“Kath Robinson beautifully embodies the rare combination of being a master of musicianship, a phenomenally gifted teacher, a brilliant and effective leader, and a conscious, caring soul. Everything she does is done with utmost integrity, love, and excellence. She has an amazing capacity for bringing out the authentic singer lurking within the heart of even the most fearful and timid would-be singers. Kath’s presence amplifies the vibration of joy, possibility, and freedom in any context in which she is present. It is inspiring to know that Kath is sharing her many gifts so bountifully in the world!” – Beth
“Kath’s vocal coaching connected the dots between vocal study and practice and using the techniques I learned to expand my vocal range and sing songs that I love and longed to sing. I never imagined I could sing in front of an audience let alone with confidence; with Kath’s instruction and encouragement I have no hesitation in calling myself a singer.” – Cathy

“Kath moved our 50 person choir forward by leaps and bounds with her musical expertise and personal integrity. In just a few months, our musicality, harmony and group cohesion improved dramatically. Her striving for excellence combined with patient encouragement were just what we needed. Brava!” – Kaylie

“Kath’s direction when we sang was impeccable – very clear, expressive, and joyful, with a mastery of each song and its parts, including the contribution of each section, each soloist, and each musician in the band. It was always a joy to sing under her direction.” – Francesca
“Being under the direction of Kath Robinson has been transformative, individually as collectively, as she masterfully unified our One voice. She has brought us into total harmony and has increased our potency as music ministers.” – Kim
“Kath is an amazing choir director in that she has taken our musicality to whole other levels of expertise.” – Gan Neh Na
“I have been honored to experience Kath’s exquisite musical ability as director and soloist, her clearly focused, collaborative and respectful leadership skills, her dedication to spiritual connection and growth through music, and her profound ability to integrate all of these qualities. She has taught and inspired our choir to work toward a high level of vocal awareness by introducing innovative exercises, fine-tuning our blend, and encouraging us to sing from a place of authenticity and embodiment.” – Susan
“Kath is an incredible choir director. She orchestrates a choir experience that ranges from simply having fun to having a spiritual experience of Oneness.” – Jane
“I am a life long learner and have been coached, instructed ,trained, mentored and lead by many, many people. Kath is in the top 3. She is a natural leader regardless of topic. Combine her leadership abilities with anything having to do with music and singing and she is totally in her element. In one season, in a fun and loving way, she turned our church choir into a powerful group of singers with confidence, skills, joy and spirit.“ – Cliff
“Kath’s ability to articulate the fine points of emphasis, vocal timbre, and blend to capture the feeling of each song really helped us to achieve an improved sound with much greater expressiveness. Her coaching on the embodiment of each song, including developing our own personal sense of meaning and gravitas for the message and the music, helped me to give 100% when I might have otherwise struggled with ambivalent feelings about a particular lyric or style. Her vocal coaching, including the innovative warmup exercises, really helped me to improve my range, my tone, and my consistency.” – Laura

“Get ready for a fireball that is all compassion and passion. She is a gifted teacher and conductor, learn from her and grow. Let her touch your lives as she has touched mine and many others.” – Myrt
“Watching Kath direct the choir was so inspiring! She fully inhabits the material, and evokes great enthusiasm, coherence and sacredness from the singers. It puts a big grin on my face to witness her incredible energy.” – Liesl

“I have had the profound privilege of being part of the Inner Light Choir for years and this season under the direction of the gorgeous inside/out Kath Robinson. We have never sounded better, embodied more and just had such an amazingly deep and meaningful time iced with so much love and fun!!!” – Laurie
“Our annual concert this year under Kath’s direction rocked and we sold out before the doors opened…. She is such a gifted director, born to do this!!!!” – Cheryl
“What a delight Kath is as a choir director! She stays connected to Spirit, and brings her great skills and knowledge as a voice teacher, as well as her vibrant, yet angelic presence to her directorship. She takes us high places and she does it with joy and lightness, and her extraordinary ability to lead with excellence. We learn, our voices get trained, we are seen and loved, and we allow Spirit to sing through us with her gentle and loving and VERY skilled presence. She is a trans-formative director on many levels!” – Kathy
“Kath is a serious talent with a great heart and she worked miracles with the choir.” – Jane
“Kath has new techniques for singing songs long familiar to us that make the song new and improved, just by her knowledge of music, sound and making words flow more beautifully. As a choir we are now way better than in the beginning of our season and I know it is because of her vast musical experience, knowledge and expertise .” – Grace

“As a soloist, Kath always moves me with the transcendent beauty and sheer joy she radiates to her audience when she sings, embracing her listeners with her uplifting pure presence.” – Liesl

“The first time I heard Kath Robinson sing I was spellbound. Her voice, her delivery, her complete devotion to the song, were so powerful it immediately penetrated past all my thinking and distractions. As a father and a professional, I’m not accustomed to crying in public, but within a minute, I was in tears. She opened my heart with the power of her song.” – Len
“The first time I heard Kath sing I was so moved that I immediately sought her out as a vocal coach. Spirit moves through Kath and every performance is a gift to the audience. An immense talent and generous performer not to be missed!” – Cathy
“Kath Robinson is a very powerful music minister with the depth and capacity to reach deep into the heart and soul of those willing to receive the grace of God that moves through her so freely.” – Kimberly
“Listening to Kath is like hearing an angle in full voice. She not only has the brilliant musicality, but she fully embodies the music bringing her whole being into the song.” – Kaylie

“Her songs pierce through the heart allowing for deep healing and with her beautiful tones and embodiment and flawless craft; she never ceases to amaze me with where she takes the audience.” – Laurie
“I have sung with and accompanied Kath for over 20 years and witnessed her remarkable growth from a strong singer to one who is truly commanding. She approaches each song with spiritual depth and skill that results from her extensive study of vocal technique during the past decade. A joy to listen to and always a warm and welcoming presence onstage.” – Michael
“I have been blessed to hear Kath Robinson sing on many occasions, and she never fails to completely embody the music and enthrall me (and just about everybody else in the room) with the power and feeling she channels.” – Larry
“Kath somehow gets my usually quiet congregation up on their feet, singing and clapping and fully engaged in the service. Having her here is always a treat.” – Rev David

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