A safe place to Explore the art of fully engaging and delivering a song with Authority, Presence and Power

The Singer’s Craft -Soloist Workshop

Monday Nights, Jan 23rd – March 13th, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Unity Spiritual Center Denver, 3021 S University Blvd, Denver Co 80210

This 7-week course is a safe sanctuary for singers interested in studying the art of singing as a soloist.  Each participant selects a song to study in depth and together we learn the art of connecting with and preparing a song while at the same time breaking through misconceptions and healing limiting beliefs about what it means to “take the mic.  You’ll learn to sing from a place of authenticity and authority while fully engaging the voice.  Whether you see yourself soloing with a choir, providing musical inspiration as a lead vocalist or simply just enjoying your own voice and singing solo for friends and family, this practical and experiential workshop will provide you with tools and tips for stepping up spiritually and musically. If you’ve always wanted to sing out, but never have taken the leap, at last! here is a safe place to develop your capacity for spiritual and musical leadership.  Total fee for this 7-week class is $315.  Limited to 5 people, this class requires a deposit of $100.00 to hold your space.  The remaining balance can be paid in any installments you like until the last class.

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Level 2 Soloist Workshop

This 5 week course continues beyond preparation to performance coaching for full embodiment and authenticity. We learn ways to live into the song and your own authentic expression of it and fully engage the listener while delivering the song in an absolutely unique way. You’ll discover tools that unlock your voice’s capacity and hone your own authentic style as an artist. Singers will also learn how to select the best key for their song, transpose, write a simple chart and receive tips on how to connect and communicate effectively with musicians and instrumentalists.

Soloist Coaching Triads

5 week Solo Coaching Triads offer a wonderfully supportive and cost effective way to study. Often we learn as much from witnessing others as we do during our own work time. Singers bring in a new song each week to build their soloist repertoire and explore their unique style. Vocal warm ups are provided that specifically address the needs of each trio and each singer works in front of the group for 20-30 minutes. Triad study is available by invitation to those who have completed the introductory workshop.

Living in the Soul of Your Voice

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