Kath is the featured Musical Inspiration

At Unity Spiritual Center Denver 3021 S. University Blvd Denver CO 80210. Check out the Upcoming Events page for dates and times.

Book Kath as a Soloists/Musical Inspiration for your gathering

Sample Kath’s New CD here

Musical inspiration for Sunday Services, Rituals and Life Transitions

“When Kath Sings her voice brings me back to my center, to my own truth”
“She allows God to sing through her, and the energy of Love is palatable”

Community Singing, Connection and Praise

“First and foremost a practitioner and group facilitator, Kath brings an authenticity and warmth to her music that we all can play in”
“Song leading that is Surrendered and Radiant with Joy”
“So much FUN!”

Song Healing Practitioner sessions

“Kath is anointed. When she sings it’s like God coming into my soul”
“There is an angelic presence, a permeating energy”

Kath Robinson with chior
Kath Robinson singing

Living in the Soul of Your Voice

Spiritually Grounded Vocal Coaching, Music, Classes and Workshops

Kath Robinson