“Kath is an exceptionally gifted singing teacher. She elucidates the spiritual dimensions of singing as well as technique in such a way that everyone can find and experience their own personal beautiful voice.”

“Kath has an amazing capacity for bringing out the authentic singer lurking within the heart of even the most fearful and timid would-be singers. Her presence amplifies the vibration of joy, possibility, and freedom in any context in which she is present.”

“Kath is not only a beautiful, heartfelt singer who moves my soul when she sings, she is a wonderful singing teacher and choir director.”

“I have had the blessing of having Kath as my vocal coach for about six years. I was terrified of expressing myself in front of others when I started out. Now I trust and let what needs to be expressed sing itself through me. Kath is a spiritual master and confidant, much like a therapist as it pertains to the journey back to one’s self and the truth of who we are.”