The instrument in you is absolutely Unique!

There is no other way that Spirit can express It Self in this particular way, except through and as YOU.

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Private lessons give you the joy of getting to know Your Soul Voice

  • A Safe Place to Sing!
  • Give it some room to streach out and find its wings
  • Learn where the notes are alive in you
  • Let your whole body sing
“What you love will reveal its secrets to you.” – Georgeo Washington Carver

Introductory 90 minute lesson $120
One Hour Lesson $90
Extended 90 minute Lesson $135

“A silent song bird wanting to sing my story. Turned 61 and knew, I must sing. Kath with great heart, led me to my beautiful, soaring and passionate voice.” -Raneta

treble clef

Living in the Soul of Your Voice

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Kath Robinson