World Singing Day! October 21st 2017

Join us for an evening of Community Singing
as Spiritual Practice and Joy
For all levels of singers and music lovers who seek to deepen their experience of the Divine

Saturday Night, October 21st 6:30pm

Unity Spiritual Center Denver, 3021 S University Blvd, Denver CO

Experience the joy and the power of community singing as we co-create a night of musical magic that uplifts, heals, transforms and renews our hearts.  Sing along and enjoy music as a spiritual activity in which we can connect with each other and the divine.  This evening features the Singing as a Spiritual Practice Choir under the direction of Kath Robinson, Marcy Baruch and David Howard on vocals, Eugene Holden on percussion and our excellent house band.  Join us and lift your voice in song as we celebrate World Singing Day with thousands of others around the globe. Contact for more information


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  • Singing as a Spiritual Practice Choir
  • Effortless Breath and Connected Sound                             Small Group Vocal Study
  • The Power of Sung Prayer
  • The Singer’s Craft Soloist Workshop
  • Private Voice Lessons
Kath Robinson
Kath Robinson and Choir

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